If you would like to report an incident about lost chips, game currency, virtual goods, account access problems or any other in-game issues, please contact Zynga Customer Support.


If you need support with any other in-game issues, please contact Zynga Customer Support.

Zynga is dedicated to providing a safe and fair gaming environment for our players. If you are a security researcher or an active player, and believe you’ve found a security or game logic vulnerability that could adversely affect Zynga or our players, or give an unfair advantage when abused, please let us know by completing the form on this page.

Rules for Zynga’s Responsible Disclosure Program

Zynga welcomes your submission of security vulnerability reports, provided you follow these guidelines when conducting your security assessment and research against our gaming applications and services.

  • You may set up secondary test accounts under your sole control for authorization testing. However:
    • You must not attempt to access another user’s account or data
    • You must not attempt to destroy Zynga’s or another user’s data
    • You must not violate another user’s privacy in conducting your research
  • You must not perform any attacks that adversely affect the reliability of Zynga’s services, including but not limited to, DoS and DDoS
  • You must provide a complete vulnerability submission, and provide all of the information requested in the form below

Whitehat Hall of Fame

Thank you to all of the Zynga Whitehats from 2012-2018. We will no longer be updating the Hall of Fame on this page. All new Hall of Fame members will be maintained on Bugcrowd.


2018 Whitehats

Yuval Shprinz – www.linkedin.com/in/yuvalshprinz

Abdelrhman Adel – fb.com/K3r1it0

Alex Bastrakov @kazan71p

Fredrik Nordberg @detectify

Luca Consolati – www.linkedin.com/in/luca-consolati-15027168

Michael King – rubysown.com

Ali TÜTÜNCÜ – @alicanact60

Mardin J Yadegar – mjyintl, yadegascar

Mohamed A. Baset – Seekurity SAS de C.V. Seekurity.com


2017 Whitehats

Nimrod Levy & Dvir Levi – https://scorpiones.io

Dorker Devil @D0rkerDevil – https://dxploiter.blogspot.in


2016 Whitehats

Tommy DeVoss – https://twitter.com/thedawgyg

Muhammad Osama – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001183774319

Koen Rouwhorst – www.koenrouwhorst.nl

Shubham Shah – https://twitter.com/infosec_au

Carl Pearson – https://www.linkedin.com/in/cpearson5

Chase Miller @psuchase – http://chasemiller.me


2015 Whitehats

Vikas Kumar – https://twitter.com/vikasraj225

Deepankar Arora @sec403 – http://in.linkedin.com/pub/deepankar-arora/9b/ab/b86

John Jenkins – http://ng-gaming.net


2014 Whitehats

Kamil Sevi @kamilsevi

Pawel Haldrzynski

Swapnil A. Thaware @swapnilthaware – http://swapnilthaware.com

Juan Broullon Sampedro @The_Pr0ph3t – http://grampusteam.com

Ankit Bharathan – fb.me/dibbu.bhadav

Yogesh Modi – fb.me/mistercracker

German Sanchez Garces @enelpc – http://enelpc.com

Muhammad Talha Khan – http://www.facebook.com/mtk911

Evan Ricafort – http://www.evanricafort.com

Javier Romero @xavinux

Koutrouss Naddara – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008222891851

Akhil Reni

Yutong Pei – http://yutong.me http://www.linkedin.com/pub/yutong-pei/42/68/810/

Eric Chen – http://ericchen.me/ http://www.linkedin.com/pub/eric-chen/62/18b/527

Yuan Tian – http://wnss.sv.cmu.edu/people/tian/ – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/yuan-tian/42/bb8/370

Robert Kotcher – http://www.robertkotcher.com

Nishanth and Varsha

FaisaL Ahmed – http://faisalahmed.me/

Sergey Bobrov @Black2Fan

Justine Edic @boywholabbianca

Owais Ahmed Siddiqui – https://www.facebook.com/owais.ahmedsiddique

Huzaifa Jawaid – https://www.facebook.com/zeefi

Provensec Labs Team – http://provensec.com/

Mirza Burhan Baig BurhanBaig InfoSec! – www.burhanbaig.com

Nick M. @1oopho1e


2013 Whitehats

Emanuel Bronshtein @e3amn2l

Joachim B. Mortensen – http://www.mortensensmind.com

Vedachala @vedachalaka – http://www.way4hack.com

Kamil Sevi @kamilsevi

Yuji Kosuga @yujikosuga

Sergey Markov

Shashank @cyberboyIndia – http://freemium-devils.in

Malte Batram @_batram – http://batr.am

Maxim Rupp

Christy Philip Mathew @christypriory, Offcon Info Security

Abhinav Karnawat @w4rri0rgr0up – http://www.w4rri0r.com

Simon Brauer @redshark1802

Ajay Singh Negi @AjaySinghNegi – http://www.computersecuritywithethicalhacking.blogspot.in

Roy Castillo @official_roy – http://www.roy-castillo.com

Sebastian Neef & Tim Schafers @internetwache – https://www.internetwache.org

Narendra Bhati @NarendraBhatiB – http://www.cyberoctet.in Cyber Octet

Tejash Patel @tejash1991 and Sandeep Rehal – http://www.backtracktutorial.com

Neal Poole @NealPoole – https://nealpoole.com

Deepankar Arora @sec403 – http://in.linkedin.com/pub/deepankar-arora/9b/ab/b86

Nipun Jaswal @nipunjaswal

Greg Wroblewski – http://www.microsoft.com/security/msrc/collaboration/research.aspx Microsoft Vulnerability Research

Ishan Anand – https://www.facebook.com/zero.access999

Umer Shakil @umer_djzz

Simon Claudiu – https://www.facebook.com/claudiu.ro

Aditya Gondela – https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Attitude0

Hazim Aslam @HazimAslam – http://www.whitehatdude.com

Andrei Miu @bibz0r

Shpend Kurtishaj @shpendk

Ryan Castellucci – http://rya.nc/

Kunal Garg – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kunalgargwhitehat

Suraj Radhakrishnan – https://www.linkedin.com/pub/suraj-radhakrishnan/19/891/ba8

Sahil Saif @bewithsahilsaif

Nitesh Shilpkar @NiteshShilpkar

Ketan Sirigiri @cigniti


2012 Whitehats

Scott Behrens

Sonny Fazio

Nir Goldshlager @Nirgoldshlager

Ari Rubinstein @arirubinstein

Tim Bach @tbach0729

Emanuel Bronshtein @e3amn2l

Joao Lucas Melo Brasio of http://www.dotfivelabs.com.br DotFive Labs Desenvolvimento de Softwares LTDA

Kamil Sevi @kamilsevi

Maxim Rupp

Burak Beyzadeoglu Baris Demirdogen – http://www.facebook.com/burakbeyzadeoglu

Rakan Alotaibi @hxteam

Mahmut Esat Yildirim @MahmutEYildirim – http://www.mahmutesat.com

Krutarth Shukla, Harsha Vardhan Boppana (Login Security Solutions (p) Limited) & Thamatam Deepak

Siddhesh Gawde – http://www.facebook.com/pen3t3r

Ajay Singh Negi @AjaySinghNegi

Mohamed Ramadan @Attack_Secure – http://www.attack-secure.com

Dylan S Hailey @TibitXimer – http://www.tibit.me

Atulkumar Hariba Shedage @atul_shedage & Ritesh Arunkumar Sarvaiya

Adam Ziaja – http://adamziaja.com

Ahmad Ashraff @yappare

SimranJeet Singh @TurbanatorSJS

Rafay Baloch @rafaybaloch – http://rafayhackingarticles.net

Wan Ikram @rinakikun

Neal Poole @NealPoole https://nealpoole.com

Shashank @cyberboyIndia – http://freemium-devils.in/

Yuji Kosuga @yujikosuga