Hacks, Bots, and Cheats

Hacks, bots and cheats are programs that claim to be able to modify or cheat Zynga games or obtain access to your social networking service account(s).

Some common hacks, bots, and cheats claim to:

  • Increase in-game currencies (like cash and coins), valuable game items, or levels.
  • Play the game for you via auto-clickers and bots.
  • Give unlimited energy, XP, or items.
  • Automatically collect gifts for you.

Do not download applications that claim to enhance our game. Most of these programs are harmful to your computer and many are designed to swindle you.

Downloadable files and cheat sites often lure players to complete surveys using false promises of free game currency or items. This is an attempt to steal your personal information.

Creating, utilizing, or distributing these programs can result in account suspensions or bans. If you think you may have accidentally loaded one of these programs, please contact Zynga Customer Support.

If these programs actually worked, they would provide an unfair advantage and disrupt the gameplay experience of legitimate players. Use of these programs (working or not) violates the Zynga Terms of Service, and may violate the law.

Zynga proactively tracks sites that host hacks, bots, and cheats and will take appropriate action if hacking, cheating, or violations of the Terms of Service can be positively identified. If you have any information about Zynga hacks, bots, and cheats, and the sites that host them, please report them to Zynga Customer Support.

Do not support the people, website(s), or third party apps that promote hacks, bots, and cheats!