Fansite Guidelines

Zynga appreciates the time and energy fans spend to create fansites for the Zynga community. If you’re looking to build a fansite, below are some guidelines to help you get started.

Use of Zynga Images & Trademarks

Subject to the compliance guidelines here, fair use allows you to use some Zynga images and trademarks on your fansite. The most common permissible use is for comment and discussion of a Zynga game feature. There is no hard-and-fast rule on what qualifies as fair use or the exact number of images you can use. Each fansite is viewed on a case-by-case basis by looking at your site as a whole. For more information on fair use, click here.

Examples of uses that likely fall under fair use:

  • Your fansite discusses FarmVille’s new Valentines’ Day release, and you wish to use an image from the releases for discussion.
  • You are sharing screenshots of your farm for non-commercial purposes.

Examples of uses that likely do NOT fall under fair use:

  • Use of any Zynga images or logos to promote or sell goods or services on your site.
  • Use that is misleading to visitors as to your affiliation with Zynga.
  • Use of any Zynga content to distribute or sell virtual currencies or items used in a Zynga game.
  • Use that encourages violating Zynga’s Terms of Service

Your Fansite Logo

Please do not use any official Zynga logos for your fansite logo. Also ensure that your fansite logo does not use any Zynga trade dress (stylized font and color scheme of the official logo). If you have a Facebook page, please ensure the above guidance is adhered to as well.

Zynga Provided Content

From time to time, Zynga may provide you with certain images or logos. Use of this content is strictly for personal, noncommercial use. You may not use this content in association with, or on sites that feature defamatory, pornographic, or inflammatory content, including, but not limited to, hacks and cheats for any products developed by Zynga or any other content that Zynga finds objectionable or unlawful.

Prohibited Content

Sites must be in compliance with the Zynga Terms of Service. Prohibited content includes:

  • Hacks, cheats, exploits, or bots; and
  • Distributing or selling any virtual currencies or virtual goods used in a Zynga game.

Avoid Confusion

Please include some indication that describes your site’s status as an unofficial fansite. Suggestions include “fansite,” “clan site,” “unofficial site,” “unofficial community site,” or any other designation that has been approved by our Community Team.

Legal Notices

You must include all copyright, trademark and other markings as appropriate. Please include the following notice: “Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials (c) Zynga Inc. All rights reserved.”

Domain Names

Do not use domains that closely imitate official Zynga domains. This could cause confusion for users who may assume that your fansite is affiliated with Zynga.

Fansite FAQ

Do I need official permission from Zynga to use its images and trademarks?

If you are in compliance with these usage guidelines, you do not need official permission to use Zynga images and trademarks.

What happens if my fansite doesn’t comply with this policy?

If you follow these guidelines, we are unlikely to interfere with your fansite. However, we understand that misunderstandings will arise. We hope that you will contact us for clarification if you find yourself in a “gray area.” If we become aware of objectionable uses on your fansite, we will contact you to try to resolve the matter directly.