June 26, 2024


Eric Enbom (He/They)
Associate Producer

Pride 2024 Employee Spotlight on Associate Producer, Eric Enbom.
Hometown: San Anselmo, CA
Last book you read/listened to: Authority by Jeff Vandermeer

How have you grown professionally while at Zynga?

Working at Zynga was my first full-time job after University, so I’ve learned a lot during my time here. Especially in my first couple of months here, it felt like every day I was learning something new and growing in different ways. Since then, I’ve been working to grow and develop as a better producer, advocate for myself more, and feel more comfortable speaking up and speaking out. It’s never easy—but if it was, it wouldn’t feel like growth.

What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?

“We’re making video games—we’re not saving lives.” It was one of the first things my previous manager told me when I started working here, and it has consistently helped me keep a level head and remain calm in moments that otherwise could have been very stressful. Plus, it reminds me to have fun!

How would you describe the culture at Zynga?

Zynga’s culture is one that is accepting and open. I think that this shines through with zPride and all the other amazing zERGs we have at Zynga. Even outside of our zERGs, there’s a wonderful culture where everyone is welcome and accepted. Everyone I’ve met at Zynga wants to know you as a person first and a coworker second.

Tell us about joining zPride and what the group has brought to you and your career.

I joined zPride shortly after I came out as non-binary. Working in the zERG has given me a great sense of belonging at Zynga, and working to engage with the LGBTQIA+ community and be a representative for it at Zynga has been a wonderful experience. It’s a great safe space to be a part of and has allowed me to communicate with so many other people in the company that I would not have otherwise.

What advice would you give to others on fostering inclusivity and understanding in the workplace, considering your background?

I’ve found that little things go such a long way—from including pronouns in your bio, to celebrating queer folk (like these spotlights!) make the workplace feel much more welcoming. Working with queer people to have accurate representation in games takes it a step further and is something that can reach so many more people outside of just the company.