September 26, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Marcos Mancha

Marcos Mancha, Director of Licensing at Zynga and AMIGOZ member, talks about his journey to Zynga by way of Oprah, his thoughts on the importance of mentorship and being able to bring his authentic self to work — and what it means to set a positive example as a person of color and queer man in the technology and gaming industry. 

What is your role within Zynga and how did you get here?

I was hired six years ago as a Licensing Producer and have worked my way through the ranks of Senior and Lead Producer roles. I recently landed my dream job — Director of Licensing.

Tell us how you came to Join Zynga.
Originally from Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I stopped in Chicago in pursuit of New York City. However, I quickly fell in love with Chicago and never left! I worked in television — most notably at Warner Bros. in Burbank and Harpo Studios in Chicago. When Ms. Oprah Winfrey closed up shop, I found myself in pursuit of a new industry. But how do you top working for Oprah Winfrey!? I ended up finding a perfect position at Zynga — they were looking for a Producer who had experience working with licensors, including — you guessed it — Warner Bros! If I didn’t believe in miracles, I surely did now!

Since starting with Zynga, how has your own growth and development progressed?

Zynga has allowed me to bring my most authentic self forward. I’ve been able to provide influence through my experience in the entertainment industry and showcase my humanitarian passions through the AmigoZ and zPride employee groups. Coming to work feels like an extension of my favorite hobbies, and I have grown into being the best version of myself. It is truly a dream come true!

What is a common misconception your industry faces and what is the reality?

Gaming used to be thought of as a youth market, but that is no longer the case at all! Game players come from all walks of life, and the gaming industry continues to grow. Games are a form of entertainment that allows people to escape reality and experience life through another lens, just like television or film. And with mobile gaming, it is becoming more accessible than ever before!

Do you have any mentors or leaders that have helped or inspired you throughout your career? 

I have always hungered for mentors and leaders in my life, but at every stage prior to Zynga, it felt like people were too busy to take time for others. At Zynga, it feels like I’ve had mentors in every corner of this company. Now, it feels like it is my turn to be a mentor to my new teammates. It has been tremendously rewarding to find mutually beneficial friendships that amplify our abilities to do our best work.

What does it mean to you to be a person of color in technology and gaming?

Being both a person of color and an outwardly colorful queer man, I tend to stand out in the crowd of tech and gaming — and my perspective is — if I’m going to stand out, I might as well give them a show! I’ve learned to use the spotlight in my favor and always make sure I have something worth saying. I try to be the example of someone I could look up to when I was a child. I did not have any role models that looked like me growing up, so I try to make sure that I’m always seen in a positive light, because you never know who’s watching!