October 10, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Bekah Nye

Bekah Nye, Director of Business Operations for Publishing and member of AMIGOZ, shares how her career at Zynga all started with a babysitting interview over eight years ago – then, how she moved from Executive Assistant to Business Operations. She also talks about how men (and one really special woman named Elaine) have shaped her growth, how she feels about the culture here at Zynga, and why she’s proud to call Zynga home.

What is your role at Zynga?
I am the Director of Business Operations for Publishing.

Tell us how you came to join Zynga.
It all started when I went to a babysitting interview over eight years ago – I didn’t know the woman who interviewed me would open the door to my tech and gaming career. Her name is Elaine Carbonell and, and from that very first meeting, she supported my growth. A couple years later, she became Scotty Koenigsberg’s Executive Assistant and one day, she called to say they needed an EA at Zynga. I got the job and have been here ever since, changing tracks to Business Operations (BizOps) five years ago. Without Elaine, I wouldn’t be here today.

Since starting with Zynga, how has your own growth and development progressed?
Zynga provides a safe space for people to explore and push themselves in new areas. I was hired as an Executive Assistant in 2017, then had the wonderful opportunity to kick-off business operations at the end of 2018. I officially switched tracks in 2020 and have continued to rise and say yes to growth opportunities.

With the move to BizOps, I’ve been working on building a team. I hired my first Zynga direct report in 2021 and welcomed two more members to my team in 2022. I’ve recently been promoted to Director, and am grateful Zynga provides growth opportunities and the budget and space for learning and development.

How would you describe the people within Zynga?
I really enjoy the community at Zynga – they’re friendly, willing to help, share information, and answer any questions. It’s the kind of environment that opens the door for strong friendships with coworkers.

Why is a culture like this so important to you?
Culture at Zynga is one of a kind. It supports the community, internally and externally. I’ve been to many companies in many different fields and finding a culture like this is rare. At past companies, I typically stayed for no more than two years. At Zynga, I’ll celebrate six years in November. Cultures like this keep people longer and make it a more comfortable place to be themselves. I am proud to call Zynga home.

What role have men played in your career and what role do you think they can play in women’s career equality?
Men have played an instrumental role in my career. It isn’t always easy to have a leader of a different gender, because sometimes it can feel like we speak different languages. The male managers I’ve had have provided me with many growth opportunities and believed in my potential. And I’ve had (and still do) plenty of coworkers – of all types – who have been supportive in my career, for which I am extremely grateful.

From an equality standpoint, I believe men in leadership can and should make more of a conscious effort in hiring more women, ensuring fairness in promotion and equal pay, and investing in women in leadership roles. These things take time, attention, and planning, but I believe it is possible to achieve them if the effort is made.