January 31, 2024

BZU Spotlight: Corey Grant 

Name: Corey Grant 

Pronouns: he/him

Location: Austin, TX

Job Title: Sr. UI/UX Designer for Emerging Platforms

Tell us about joining the BZU and what the group has brought to you and your career? 

I am relatively new to Zynga and BZU; I joined the company in April last year. When I joined, BZU was definitely a welcome surprise and a reminder that I’m not the only black guy in the room. BZU has given me a forum to learn about interesting topics at the intersection of gaming and black culture.

What does it mean to you to be a person of color in technology and gaming?

Although I’ve never put much emphasis on my ethnic background in my professional life, I have faced many turns where that seemed to negate some avenues of expertise and advice. If there is one significant meaning, I’d say I have always felt I represent the present and future of how the world views and approaches individuals who appear like me. Its always been important to me to not only do what I love to do but also be a proponent of the global embrace of my ethnic culture and its vast makeup.

What is it like being diverse in gaming?

I feel the diversity in game development is now at a point in time where it better reflects the diversity of our consumer base. I am grateful to do what I love, creating games with every shade of people under the sun.

What is Zynga doing to empower persons of color in the workplace?

Metaphorically speaking, Zynga is positioning the microphone closer to underrepresented voices.