May 11, 2023

AAPI Employee Spotlight: Annabell Liao

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI), a time to celebrate the contributions of the AAPI community in the U.S. We are proud to embrace the collective achievements they’ve made throughout our history and to recognize the incredible challenges they have faced in a variety of industries.

In keeping with this year’s theme, “Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity,” we asked our employees to share what it means to be an Asian American and how they are empowering each other to succeed.

We wrap up our month-long AAPI employee spotlights with Annabell Liao, Product Manager on Zynga’s Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells team.


Tell us about yourself

I grew up being told that I’m not a gamer, and yet here I am! I studied film with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Producing at Chapman University, and then earned a Master of Business Administration at the University of Southern California. As part of Zynga’s Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells team, I get to collaborate across disciplines to develop and optimize features to deliver a magical player experience every day.

What makes your experience at Zynga stand out?

 I am very passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, so I love the variety of initiatives that Zynga takes to make our current employees feel welcome and to broaden access to the industry. For example, earlier this year, Zynga sponsored the first HBCU (Historically Black College or University) game jam and sent several employees, including myself, to mentor the undergraduate students.

What does Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month mean to you?

As a Taiwanese-American, I enjoy celebrating my heritage with delicious foods and art! From local festivals to online film collections, this month is a great time to challenge yourself to learn more about the multitude of cultures in Asia and their diaspora. I hope the celebrations this month will raise awareness of the rich contributions Asians have made to our communities throughout history so it’s easier for people to recall notable past and present Asian or Asian American leaders.

What’s something you love that you want to share?

Here’s a quote I like from Grace Lee Boggs, an Asian American author and civil rights activist: “We are the leaders we have been looking for.”