Games For Good at Zynga

Zynga is committed to the idea that games–and those who play them-can make the world a better place. Since 2009, Zynga has enabled millions of players to contribute nearly $25 Million to more than 50 non profit organizations globally. Through charity features and Words with Friends EDU , we’re able to make a positive impact through the world’s best-loved games. Being located in San Francisco, we are also dedicated to partnering with organizations that benefit and strengthen the Bay Area community.

Employee Impact

Employees around the globe are dedicated to giving back to their communities. From mentoring local students to integrating charity into our games, Zynga employees are eager to use their superpowers for good. Here are just a few ways our amazing teams are giving back!

  • Week of Service: Twice a year, employees from around the world volunteer with local non profits. To date Zynga employees have invested more than 15,000 volunteer hours in our local communities.
  • Employee Giving: For every dollar an employee donates to charity, Zynga will match it $1:1-up to $1,000 each calendar year. To date, employees have donated more than $1.7M through our matching program.

Game Design Academies & STEM Education

Zynga has partnered with San Francisco Unified School District to bring a two-year, Game Design Academy to hundreds of San Francisco high school students. Through enhanced curriculum rooted in computer science and hands-on work with game industry professionals, the program aims to leverage students’ interest around games and prepare them to be the next generation of tech industry professionals. Zynga also partners with local STEM organizations to sponsor hands-on activities and mentoring sessions with Zynga tech professionals.

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Words With Friends EDU

Words with Friends EDU builds off of the engaging gameplay of Words With Friends, with new educational features to help students learn high-value academic words – words that show up frequently in required reading, textbook and assessments – and that will help them succeed in school. Developed in partnership with teachers and students, Words With Friends EDU is Educational, Fun & Free! With features like a student progress dashboard, engaging badge rewards and a parent/teacher tutorial, learning quickly becomes play!