December 20, 2021

Rollic’s Momentous 2021: Studio Ends Year with 16 Top Ranking Titles, Four Game Studio Acquisitions and over 1 Billion Lifetime Downloads Worldwide

Entering 2022 with Momentum and Plans to Introduce More Exciting Games and Live Services Updates

Rollic, a subsidiary of Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA), a global leader in interactive entertainment, recaps its impressive growth in 2021 as it looks to enter 2022 with momentum. Rollic’s top-charting games, first-of-its-kind features and acquisitions of multiple mobile game studios helped propel Zynga’s overall performance as a top-three downloaded games publisher in the U.S. year-to-date in 2021.

Rollic by the numbers 2021:

  • Surpassed 1 billion lifetime downloads worldwide
  • Launched 7 games that have reached the #1 or #2 top free downloaded game positions in the U.S. App Store in 2021, giving Rollic a total of 16 titles to achieve this rank overall
  • 3 games surpassing 100 million lifetime downloads worldwide – Hair Challenge, High Heels! and Tangle Master 3D
  • 3 titles in the App Store Top Free Games of 2021 in the U.S. – Blob Runner 3D, Hair Challenge and High Heels!
  • 4 titles ranked in the top 25 downloaded games in the U.S. App Store in 2021 – Blob Runner 3D, Hair Challenge, High Heels! and Tangle Master 3D
  • Completed 4 acquisitions in 2021 bringing the innovative games and talented development teams of Uncosoft , ByteTyper, Cresear Entertainment and ZeroSum in-house
  • Introduced bold beats into Rollic’s hyper-casual titles for the first time – including a live Leaderboard in Hair Challenge, Adopt a Pet in High Heels! and Tangle Monster in Tangle Master 3D
  • Hosted seasonal events in-game for the first time, with 4 Halloween and new holiday-themed celebrations launching in 16 titles through December 2021
  • Launched a first-of-its-kind partnership with iconic designer Kenneth Cole in celebration of Pride Month 2021 in High Heels!
  • Winner and 4-time nominee at the 2021 SMARTIES North America Awards for the High Heels! Pride Month CampaignRollic’s unique development methodology helped propel Rollic as a leader in the hyper-casual market, one of the largest and fastest-growing game genres on mobile, by leveraging data insights and rigorous testing analyzing hundreds of games each month. Rollic is successfully designing new game concepts using viral trends that cater to evolving entertainment habits. Rollic’s influence on the next generation of mobile gamers kickstarted an industry design trend in 2021 with runway-style, Tiktok-able games rising rapidly on the charts. The combination of strong data and creativity has empowered the company and its exclusive development partners to repeatedly design and publish hit titles.

    In 2021, Rollic surpassed 1 billion lifetime downloads worldwide across its portfolio, which includes 16 games that have reached the #1 or #2 top free downloaded game positions in the U.S. App Store. Four standout Rollic titles – Blob Runner 3D, Hair Challenge, High Heels! and Tangle Master 3D – ranked in the top 25 downloaded games in the U.S. App Store’s in 2021 highlighting the high level of engagement with players throughout the year.

    This year, Rollic has redefined hyper-casual games with the addition of new game features including “Adopt a Pet” in the smash hit High Heels! , the introduction of the “Tangle Monster” in Tangle Master 3D and a live leaderboard in Hair Challenge allowing players to interact with each other in real-time around the world. These three games have each surpassed 100M lifetime downloads and continue to engage players as they experience new challenges, customizations and gameplay. In October, Rollic held its first seasonal events in-game across four titles with themes and features celebrating Halloween. The positive player engagement and reaction to these updates have fueled the expansion of holiday-themed events in December that will debut across 16 Rollic titles.

    In June 2021, the team partnered with Kenneth Cole for a first-of-its-kind Pride month celebration bringing the iconic designer’s PRIDE 2021 collection in-game to the High Heels! runway. This collaboration marked the first time that Kenneth Cole’s iconic street-smart style was featured in a mobile game and raised money for the Mental Health Coalition with every item sold. The successful campaign was honored at the 2021 SMARTIES North America Awards for bringing attention to the importance of mental health through a fun and inclusive platform.

    This year Rollic expanded its operations, acquiring four studio partners and bringing their innovative games and talented teams in-house. Uncosoft , ByteTyper, Cresear Entertainment and ZeroSum have all developed hit titles for Rollic and will continue their creative design under the Rollic umbrella utilizing Rollic’s comprehensive testing and marketing tools to drive its live services and launch future new titles.

    Looking to 2022, the company plans to evolve its portfolio by delivering more new launches and bold beats to players around the world. Furthermore, Zynga and Rollic are focused on further enhancing the company’s publisher capabilities by expanding Rollic’s first and third-party developer network and building out new tools and technologies to continue to create exceptional player experiences.

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    Zynga is a global leader in interactive entertainment with a mission to connect the world through games. With massive global reach in more than 175 countries and regions, Zynga has a diverse portfolio of popular game franchises that have been downloaded more than four billion times on mobile including CSR Racing™, Empires & Puzzles™, FarmVille™, Golf Rival™, Hair Challenge™, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells™, High Heels!™, Merge Dragons!™, Merge Magic!™, Queen Bee™, Toon Blast™, Toy Blast™, Words With Friends™ and Zynga Poker™. With Chartboost, a leading mobile advertising and monetization platform, Zynga is an industry-leading next-generation platform with the ability to optimize programmatic advertising and yields at scale. Founded in 2007, Zynga is headquartered in California with locations in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit or follow Zynga on TwitterInstagramFacebook or the Zynga blog.


    Founded in December 2018, Rollic is an Istanbul-based game developer and publisher, focused on free-to-play hyper-casual games for iOS and Android. Games released by Rollic include Arrow Fest, Blob Runner 3D, Go Knots 3D, Hair Challenge, High Heels!, Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle, Queen Bee, Ragdoll Fighter, Tangle Master 3D and Text or Die. Rollic is committed to producing massively appealing global titles while building a thriving developer ecosystem in the gaming industry. Rollic was acquired by Zynga, a global leader in interactive entertainment, in October 2020. For more information, visit or follow Zynga on TwitterInstagramFacebook or the Rollic blog.


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