May 3, 2023

Honoring AAPI Heritage Month

As we unite to honor AAPI Heritage Month, let’s wholeheartedly embrace this year’s theme, “Advancing Leaders through Opportunity.” Throughout my journey at Zynga, I’ve experienced the undeniable power of diversity in shaping our collective achievements. Our organization is a beautiful mosaic of cultural richness, unique perspectives, and shared wisdom, providing the perfect environment for innovation and progress.

My own involvement with ZAPI has been nothing short of inspiring. This group serves as a vibrant, supportive haven where we evolve together, share our experiences, and forge meaningful connections. Within ZAPI, we are more than colleagues—we form a tight-knit family that lifts each other up, empowers one another, and cheers on our successes. This sense of belonging cultivates exceptional leaders who emerge from within our ranks, guiding Zynga towards a future that celebrates our diverse and remarkable talents.

As we rejoice in our distinctiveness and treasure our heritage, let’s remain committed to fostering growth and leadership opportunities within our Zynga community.

#AAPI Heritage Month -A.J. Mortega – ZAPI Chairman