Women At Zynga

Women at Zynga (WAZ) is one of the longest standing and most active employee resource groups at Zynga. The mission of WAZ is to foster an environment that empowers women to succeed and become leaders in their careers and communities. WAZ develops and sponsors enrichment programs around education and training, career development and community building. The group promotes Zynga’s long held value of being an organization that values diversity and equality and one that supports a culture of inclusion and respect. We believe we are a stronger organization because we have a worldwide community of employees from different backgrounds and experiences. We encourage employees across all of our internal disciplines to participate in our events to gain insights, learn more about one another and discuss ways to grow and support the female workforce across the company.

Women at Zynga Advisory Board
The current Advisory Board is: Jet Villaflor Carman, Dani Dudeck, Hina Sakazaki, Heather Houston, Gina Reams, Rachel Pytlak, Stephanie Hess and Anna Huerta (not pictured).

WAZ is also is a conduit for the Company’s commitment to all of our global teams to provide a workplace based on tolerance, support and compassion. Our Women at Zynga Advisory Board is made up of a cross functional group of long-time Zynga employees. Members share a passion for women’s advancement, gender equality and building inclusive cultures. The Advisory Board meets regularly and is hands on in shaping and designing program initiatives, planning events and representing Zynga as ambassadors across their professional careers.

Women at Zynga Programs & Events
Women at Zynga Programs & Events

Women at Zynga programming spans leadership and professional development, guest speakers, practical workshops, social events and networking opportunities, all which promote career advancement, diversity and inclusion.

We encourage Zynga women and men across all of our internal disciplines to attend our events to gain insights and learn more about one another. Women at Zynga brings in big thinkers and experienced leaders from various fields to share insights and inspirational. Guest speakers share their learnings and personal perspectives which help start a dialog between our female and male employees about the status of women in the industry today and ways to grow and support the female workforce across the company. We are also always looking for ways to bring our female leaders together to share in conversations on topics such as coaching, career aspirations and flexibility and family life as well as exchange best practices regarding team building, mentoring and ongoing learning opportunities.

At Zynga we build games that are played by a growing female demographic. Zynga’s consumer base is predominantly female and with the rise of mobile devices games are played by more and more women – 48% of mainstream gamers are female. We are mindful about creating opportunities to build a vibrant female employee network across the company and leveraging their perspectives on our teams so that we can more easily identify with and deliver the experiences that many of our consumers are looking for.