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Zynga is a social game company and our mission is to connect the world through games — this has become quite broadly known. Perhaps less known is that Zynga is hugely focused on technology.
March 12, 2012

Matthew Renaud Innovation.  It was our goal when we started designing Dream PetHouse , and one of the areas we focused on was the social experience.  In Dream PetHouse , now available on iOS, you can collect, feed and grow some of the cutest pets on mobile, all in your own unique treehouse. A core…

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February 27, 2012

Paul Bakaus We’re believers in open web game development. It hits core to our mission – in order to connect the world through games, we want to bring play to everyone, no matter the device or platform. HTML5 is a natural fit to do just that. Zynga first started with R&D to figure out how…

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February 17, 2012

Allan Leinwand Here at Code.Zynga, we talk a lot about the sheer scale and engineering power it takes to operate Zynga games as live services. This time, we thought it’d be fun to show you. See for yourself with our first ever techno-graphic below. Did you know: Zynga’s private (dubbed zCloud ) and public cloud…

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February 15, 2012

Allan Leinwand Zynga’s mission is to connect the world through games. Making games accessible to millions of people, and bringing play to everyone, everywhere, takes a lot of tech power and innovation. It all starts with a strong foundation and our infrastructure is one of the strongest. Our total cloud footprint has been called one…

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January 6, 2012

Allan Leinwand In the recent past, we were proud to publicly unveil the private cloud computing infrastructure that we use to scale our social games — infrastructure that we internally (and affectionately) call zCloud. zCloud leverages both our internal infrastructure components and our public cloud partner, Amazon Web Services. This hybrid cloud, using private and…

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November 22, 2011

Travis Hopkins For many 2D games, a common method of providing character animation is by using a series of static images or sprite-sheets . Dream Zoo , Zynga’s newest mobile game (available soon for iOS and Android) required a different approach. In Dream Zoo , players collect, breed and care for animals in their very…

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November 2, 2011

Paul Bakaus After revealing Zynga’s first open source projects in HTML and JavaScript, I’m pleased to announce the third addition to our collection: Zynga Jukebox , a high performance sprite-based sound manager for the web. Zynga Jukebox was formally announced during my keynote at the New Game HTML5 conference in San Francisco today, but here’s…

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November 1, 2011

Paul Bakaus Zynga has always been a strong proponent of open source technology and uses a Linux, Apache, Memcached, MySQL, PHP (LAMMP) stack throughout its games. In the past, we have focused our development efforts in particular on PHP and Memcache and have contributed back to the open source communities in those areas. Now, we’ve…

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October 18, 2011

Amir Elaguizy Over the last year, we’ve been doing a lot of R&D to make social games entirely from HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Game development in HTML5 is a brave, not-yet-standardized world, but today marks a major stride for both Zynga and the industry. Say hello to Zynga Poker Mobile Web , the next evolution…

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