October 11, 2023

Zynga Scares Up a Slate of Halloween Treats!


Titles across the Zynga Portfolio are celebrating Spooky Season all month long

San Mateo, CA – October 11, 2023 –  Zynga Inc., a wholly-owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ: TTWO) and a global leader in interactive entertainment, today announced a spirited selection of in-game Halloween events. Titles include Dragon City, Empires & Puzzles, the FarmVille franchise, Game of Thrones: Slots, Golf Rival, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, Hit it Rich!, Merge Dragons, Monster Legends, Top Eleven, Top Troops, Two Dots, Words With Friends, and Zynga Poker.

Zynga’s latest release Top Troops is hosting its first Halloween event featuring pumpkins, candy, and a surprise guest werewolf while on the farm, players can join a haunted circus, craft eerie-sistible snacks, and trick-or-treat with friends! From custom costumes and tiles to dark wooded paths and monster hunting, there is sure to be something to give you goosebumps!


Dragon City // Fallen Guild

Oct. 26 – Nov. 6


The High Arcane Dragon may no longer be around, but as his whispers echo through the halls of the Magi Guild, his powerful, pearly replacement has arrived to take on a whole bunch of spooky threats. Rearrange ‘A-R-C-A-N-E’ and what do you get? The High Nacrea Dragon! Find her in a new Heroic Race, along with her exclusive skin and tons of rewards, and use her iridescent powers to ward off hordes of Duo-Dust Dragons. The Guild’s students will be appreciative of your endeavors, Dragon Masters!

Empires & Puzzles // Return to Morlovia

Sept. 25 – Nov. 2


Prepare to embark on a spine-tingling adventure as we Return to Morlovia, where the air is thick with enchantment and the Seasonal Quest awaits with three tantalizing difficulties. Face off against familiar fiends, conquer each haunting stage, and claim your rewards if you dare. The spirits have summoned three new Morlovia Heroes: Amber, Edwin, and Lucinda. All Morlovia Heroes form the Morlovia Family and give bonuses for each unique Hero of the same family in battle! And do not forget to consult the Halloween Offers Calendar, where each day until November 6, a new, spine-chilling offer awaits, including mysterious FREE gifts that will send shivers down your spine! Halloween is upon us, so embrace the enchantment and revel in the supernatural festivities that await!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape // Circus of Nightmares

Oct. 25 – Nov. 5


We’re not clowning around this Halloween – we’re taking our scares seriously at the Circus of Nightmares! Scream yourself silly on the rides and get treated to tricks performed by Eerie Ellen and scaremonger Chuckle Carl, who’ll make you laugh your guts out! Craft eerie-sistible snacks, decorations, and costumes to make this spooktacular show the stuff of legend. Complete phases in the event to win special rewards like Stamps, Keys, and Padlocks that’ll help boost and grow your farm. Finishing the event will give you an awesome farm hand – Spirit Spook, the batty cat – who will help out on your farm for 30 days!

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape // Monkey Temple Halloween Party

Oct. 12 – 24


The season of spookiness has come upon the island. The legendary Monkey Temple is awake and Tiki the Monkey and Chief Kono have sanctioned a Halloween party to help scare away all negative forces as best they can. All ghosts and ghoulies will be tested when they come face to face with the resort’s guests and their even scarier costumes and masks. Even Elvira Thorne has graced the island with her eerie presence and will help Tiki and the island’s residents be scary this Halloween season. Help craft and fulfill the desired orders on the island to keep the temple’s gods happy, earn their blessings, and make this Halloween season one of exciting thrills, and not terrifying chills.

FarmVille 3 // Spooktacular Trick-or-Treat Stand

Oct. 4 – Nov. 1


It’s only the start of October, and that means Halloween is not far away. It also means it is never too early to break into the costume closet and start prepping for the most awaited trick-or-treat night around the block! Chad’s already preparing a costume, while he sets up a trick-and-treat stand. Collect points and win rewards by putting on your scariest costume and helping Chad play some fun tricks while the kids grab some treats at the trick-or-treat stand.

Game of Thrones Slots Casino // Shadowbinder Shadow Assassin Special Quest

Oct. 31 – Nov. 1


Game of Thrones Slots Casino invites players to celebrate the Halloween Season by offering a captivating Shadowbinder seasonal event. The night is dark and full of terrors in Game of Thrones Slots Casino this Halloween! Complete the tasks and challenges for rewards in this Special Quest where Melisandre the Shadowbinder and King Stannis Baratheon bring dark plots to the surface.

Golf Rival // Halloween Challenge

Oct. 27 – Nov. 12


There are treats galore for those who yell “Fore!” in Golf Rival this Halloween season. Test your skill on the brand-new Skull Cove course in four special, spooky in-game events: Skull Island Cove, Skull Island Tournament, Trick or Treat, and Ace Open. To help with even the trickiest of holes, players can also unlock eight new exclusive Halloween special balls, each with limited-edition striking effects on every shot. Happy Hole-oween!

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells // Halloween at Hogwarts and Dark Arts Event

Oct. 2 – Nov. 1


This season’s Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells event featuring Nearly Headless Nick returns with new daily and seasonal tasks to challenge players all month long. It’s time to get excited for the best season! Players can complete daily and monthly tasks for a chance to unlock even better rewards including the highly anticipated Magical Creature, the Mooncalf, as the final reward! The Dark Arts Bonanza spider collection event will also return on Oct. 28, featuring Lucius Malfoy. The event will allow players to collect spiders on gems to unlock as many rewards as they can during the event, such as power-ups, trophies, and unlimited lives.

Hit It Rich! // SlotVentures: Booo!-Levard and Quest for the Chest: Halloween

Oct. 25 – Nov. 6 


No tricks and more treats this October in Hit It Rich! with a spooky cool Halloween-themed SlotVentures: Booo!-Levard. Players can earn rewards by completing objectives. Reach the end to earn a huge Jackpot! Then, let the ghoul times roll in Hit it Rich! with the return of Quest for the Chest: Halloween. Team up to collect keys around spooky map locations like the Witch’s Cottage, Graveyard, and Haunted Forest. Compete together to be the first to unlock a chest full of rewards! 

Merge Dragons! // Phantom Gathering

Oct. 20 – 23


Dive into the spine-chilling world of Merge Dragons! as the Phantom Gathering event descends upon your camp! Unearth the hidden mysteries of this haunted realm and merge your way to unlock exclusive rewards. Merge strategically to summon rare and elusive event items, maximizing your event points for a truly spooky haul. Be sure to complete those milestones for a chance to unlock a new spooky Dragon. It’s time for ghosts to come alive and dragons to dance under the moonlight for Phantom Gathering!

Monster Legends // It’s Monster Season!

Oct. 13 – Nov. 10


Join the scariest stars of Monster Legends for a month-long spooktacular that will leave everyone screaming for more! Follow fan favorite Lord Hayman through a special Halloween Era Saga that’ll chill you to the bone. And speaking of bones, we’ve constructed three new grotesque monsters to greet eager trick-or-treaters at the door. One of them, Mudster, even stars in a freaky new Tales Challenge! And that’s not all – we’ve also resurrected the Flip Challenge for you. Will you score some treats…or only tricks?

Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager // Nightmare Road Event

Oct. 22 – Nov. 2


Top Eleven’s footballing world has been plunged into darkness and the only way to escape is for players to venture down the frightening Nightmare Road. The special in-game event will feature new themed cosmetic items and all matches will be played in the newly introduced Night Mode. Do you have what it takes to traverse the Nightmare Road and collect all the rewards? Test your skills and your nerves as Top Eleven kicks off the Halloween season on October 22. 

Top Troops // It’s Top Troops’ First-ever Halloween!

Oct. 31


This calls for a celebration. The King is proudly hosting a party at the Town Hall, and he asked everyone to contribute. The Swordsmen have carved some pumpkins, the orcs have brought a whole lot of candy worms (though they wiggle a bit too naturally to be candy…), the Necromancer Rat has arrived with a bunch of skulls (we don’t want to ask where he got them from), and the Elemental Witch is here with… Hold on. Is that? Who brings a real Werewolf to a Halloween party?! He’s going to eat everything! We’ll be lucky if he doesn’t eat everyone, too! What a mess. We’re never getting rid of it, are we?

Two Dots // A Spooky Month in Two Dots

Month of October


What’s more thrilling than Halloween haunts? Treasure Hunts, new levels, and an otherworldly Flip! Forget about candy; all the trick-or-treaters want this year are special collectible Halloween postcards and the spine-tinglingly-cool Batty Badge. Do you dare leave the safety of your pumpkin patch to wander through Widdershins Woods? Will you stumble upon the Archmage’s Apothecary? Or will you be left in the dark? If you’re already getting goosebumps, then good – you should be…

Wizard of Oz Slots // Wizard of Oz Challenges (Haunted Forest Theme)

Oct. 25 – 29


Complete challenges to make your way through the Haunted Forest in this spooky five-day event! You’ll earn bonuses for each space you move, plus the opportunity to spin the final bonus wheel for even more treats!

Words With Friends // Halloween Events

Month of October 


Words With Friends brings the scares with three themed challenges in the month of October! Grab a friend and seek out new words in the Spirit Festival Rewards Pass! Can you collect all the haunting new rewards before they vanish? Complete your daily goals to unlock new rewards before they disappear! A new Solo Challenge will let you prove that your legendary word skills reign supreme against these Cultural Cryptids from around the world! Got Halloween on the brain? Prove your dead-ication in this Weekly Challenge to earn the Zombie Hand Badge!


Zynga Poker // Monster Hand 

Oct. 18 – Nov. 23


Zynga Poker is going all-in this Halloween with a new Watch Event: Monster Hand. Play cash games, complete challenges, and earn tokens to redeem for a bone-chilling Watch to add to your collection. 



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