December 11, 2023

“The Wonderfully Weird Characters of Top Troops”

By Albert Fontova Puertas, Top Troops Game Lead and Socialpoint Director of Product

A rich tapestry of wildly different characters are the stars of this new game.

Top Troops is a recently launched mobile game – created by Socialpoint, a Zynga studio based in Barcelona – that mixes merge, massive battles, and RPG mechanics.

Set in King’s Bay, a medieval fantasy kingdom, the game starts with a feud between two brothers when their father, the King, dies:

“The younger brother doesn’t accept that the older is the rightful heir, and things go south quickly,” explains Blanca Joplin, Top Troops Narrative Designer. “However, the focus of the game isn’t on this feud. The attention is stolen by the very charismatic units in the realm’s army.  Even if they’re an eclectic bunch – inspired by mythology from all around the world, classic fantasy, steampunk technology – they all fit together very naturally, and that’s thanks to the comical twist they all share. We get to see the new King of the realm fighting by the Vampire Queen’s side, which is some absurd but effective teamwork.”

“We tried to create an art style that is open, fitting, and also has a strong personality,” says Sergio García, Top Troops Art Director. “We aimed for a structured visual style, trying to make it easier for players to understand what’s going on at any given moment, especially because, in our game, you can have a hundred characters on screen at the same time.

So, who are all these characters? We asked some members of the team to tell us a bit about their favorite units:

  1. Dwarf Engineer

“Dwarf Engineer is one character that I really like. I love when fantasy worlds introduce steampunk/technology elements, and this is a really good way to do it,” says Sebastián Delgado, Top Troops Game Designer. This legendary hunter is small and fragile, but if players manage to protect her well during the first part of the battle, she becomes a nightmare to enemies because, as time passes, she deploys tiny mechas that deal lots of damage. “When she survives long enough, it’s very funny to see her army of tiny robots shred the enemy army,” he adds.

  1. Crabomancer

“Crabomancer is one of the most bizarre units in the game,” says Top Troops Product Manager Guillem Arlandez. “It was one of the last Epic units we made. We allowed ourselves to have a bit more fun when designing them since they did not have to be this uber powerful legendary character. Its retreat skill shows that it is clearly scared to be in these massive battles, but then it steels itself and jumps back in. I love it when I see someone try their best and I can’t help but cheer it on as it takes on more powerful enemies.”

“I really love the Crabomancer, with those big claws, and the way it becomes stronger as it receives damage is really smart,” adds Juan Gonzalez, Top Troops Artist.

  1. Slime King

“The first time I saw it, I thought, ‘What IS that?’” says Carlos Ruano,Top Troops Artist. “It’s a ball of slime wearing a crown with arrows nailed to its back. The Slime King is a mystery and I have to admit that it wasn’t love at first sight, but he steals your heart little by little.” This very weird legendary character from the infernal faction is one of those units who’ll win the battle when you think all is lost. He usually resists until the very end and, after death, he splits into baby slimes who fight the enemies in his stead!

  1. Sylvan Spirit

“Sylvan Spirit is connected with nature,” says Lorena García, Top Troops Artist. “He’s faceless, which makes him mysterious, but he doesn’t come across as spooky thanks to his cute proportions and charming moves. In battle, he plays the game’s theme song with his flute, which is really cool, and he tames the beasts!” 

“I love that he also shows his mischievous side on the battlefield,” adds Blanca Joplin, Top Troops Narrative Designer. “He’s usually the last unit standing and he makes fun of his opponents by hiding and reappearing on the other side of the grid, so you’ll see everyone wasting their time, chasing him around trying to catch him – the little snot.”

  1. Necromancer Rat

See this rat in a worn-out robe? He happens to be one of the players’ and the team’s most beloved characters. “What he lacks in cheek contouring, he makes up for in ancient kick-ass wisdom – and we love him for that!” says Jake Todd, Top Troops Narrative Designer. “The Necromancer Rats have got King’s Bay in the palm of their hairless paws. Watch out, New York, you are absolutely going to hate this announcement, but rats do, in fact, run this city.”

This unit is very valuable.” adds Ariel Frigoli, Top Troops VFX Artist. “When placed in the backline of the formation, he becomes untouchable and is free to continuously spawn his little rats who overwhelm the enemy to no end.”