Privacy FAQs

  • How does Zynga protect my privacy?

    Zynga understands the importance of privacy. Our Privacy Policy and the information in our Privacy Center are designed to inform you about how we use the information we collect to make your social gaming experiences more meaningful. We do not sell or rent user information and any sharing is done in accordance with our Privacy Policy . We take various measures to protect your information, including the use of technologies such as firewall protected servers and SSL encryption for certain types of information. We also provide you with independent resources to help you better understand online privacy. We hope you’ll use the Privacy Center to make more informed choices about the information you choose to share with Zynga and other users.

  • How can I control the use of my information?

    To manage your settings for your Zynga account, please login at and select ‘Privacy’ from the “Settings” menu. Zynga email settings can be managed here .

    Zynga games are available on multiple social networks including Facebook and MySpace. Below are links to their privacy settings pages, you may need to login to view them. Please familiarize yourself with their policies and settings as they play a large role in the information that is provided to Zynga.

    You may also visit our reference pages for specific instructions regarding the management of privacy for social network applications.

    Note that some of the settings above may require you to access them from a desktop computer.

  • How do I remove Zynga applications from my social network account?

    Please select the social network from which you access Zynga games for specific instructions on how to remove games.

  • I don’t play Zynga games, how do I stop receiving notifications, requests or gifts from the game?

    Gifts, Requests and Notifications should only come from your friends on the various social networks. Click here for instructions on how you can stop receiving unwanted notifications and requests from friends.

  • How can I remove information about myself from Zynga products and services?

    For instructions on how to remove a Zynga game click here . If you no longer want Zynga to make active use of your information, you may send an e-mail to . Place “Delete My Account” in the subject line and include your first name, last name, e-mail address and user ID number for the SNS from which you access our games (if applicable) in the body of the e-mail.

  • What types of cookies are used by Zynga and why?

    Zynga uses cookies to provide a better user experience from session to session and as part of tracking and analysis. These cookies may be associated with other data we collect such as games you play, user id, recent session and other similar information.

    We may also employ other technologies including (i) web beacons, which allow us to know if a certain page was visited or whether an e-mail was opened; (ii) tracking pixels, which allow us to advertise more efficiently by excluding our current users from certain promotional messages or identifying the source of a new installation; (iii) local shared objects also known as flash cookies, which help us to prevent fraud, remember your in-game settings for features like music and to track your progress on certain in-game tasks.

    You can learn more about Zynga’s use of cookies by reading the “How We Collect Information About You” section of our Privacy Policy . You may also find resources on cookies and other information collection technologies by visiting these leading Internet Resources .

  • How do I manage my email preferences or stop receiving email from Zynga?

    For email received from games on Facebook: You can modify your email preferences and unsubscribe from some or all Zynga email by visiting the email preferences page .

  • I’ve received a suspicious message and don’t know if it’s from Zynga?

    Unfortunately, some people attempt to gain information about users by sending malicious emails and Facebook messages impersonating Zynga. This is known as phishing and is an attempt to trick users into giving their account login information to an unauthorized third party.

    Be wary of any messages received on Facebook alerting you that you have won prizes or need to verify your account. Always make sure to check the sender, Zynga will only send email from accounts with or as their domain. Also, ensure you are on a Zynga website when entering any personal information. One way to ensure that you are on the right website is to type it in to your browser’s insertion point rather than following links. For more information and examples on phishing messages please see our Security Page .

  • Does Zynga engage in online behavioral advertising and how does it work?

    Zynga works with web publishers and advertising networks (“Advertising Partners”) to deliver interest-based ads to users that have visited Zynga sites, played Zynga’s games or accessed Zynga’s content including videos (“Zynga Users”).

    This practice is also referred to as online behavioral advertising and here’s a brief description of how it works at Zynga.

    Our Advertising Partners use software that recognizes cookies that are placed on the browsers of Zynga Users. When the ad software recognizes these cookies or pixels they deliver ads for Zynga’s products and services when Zynga Users are on third party websites. Many ofthese ads for Zynga’s products will include an icon that an ad recipient can click to learn more about the ad, why she received it and how to exercise choice. The icon displayed may range from the ad choices icon to a questionmark (“?”) in the corner of the ad unit. To learn more about how interest based advertising works go here . If you’d like to know more about online behavioral advertising in general and your choices you may visit the DAA and the NAI .

  • I used to see a screen requesting my permission to allow your applications to access my data on Facebook, what happened?

    Zynga and other game companies are participating in a Facebook program called Start Now . In Start Now, Facebook users that have not disabled instant personalization and who click a link for a Zynga game will be taken directly to the relevant game and can start playing right away. This ability to play immediately is possible because Facebook will share the user’s basic account information with Zynga. To keep players informed, Facebook will also provide an information bar on the top of the screen to alert the user that an application is using Start Now.

  • What choices does a user have with regard to Start Now?

    FB users can disable personalization for all sites and games by visiting their privacy settings. Users can also make use of the tools on the Start Now information bar to learn more or disable Start Now as they enter the application.