What types of cookies are used by Zynga and why?

Zynga uses cookies to provide a better user experience from session to session and as part of tracking and analysis. These cookies may be associated with other data we collect such as games you play, user id, recent session and other similar information.

We may also employ other technologies including (i) web beacons, which allow us to know if a certain page was visited or whether an e-mail was opened; (ii) tracking pixels, which allow us to advertise more efficiently by excluding our current users from certain promotional messages or identifying the source of a new installation; (iii) local shared objects also known as flash cookies, which help us to prevent fraud, remember your in-game settings for features like music and to track your progress on certain in-game tasks.

You can learn more about Zynga's use of cookies by reading the "How We Collect Information About You" section of our Privacy Policy. You may also find resources on cookies and other information collection technologies by visiting these leading Internet Resources.