AVAILABLE POSITIONS UI Artist Intern – 12 Month 2023

Intern UI Artist


Start Date: August 2023

Duration: 12 months

Location: Birmingham, UK

Type internship: Undergraduate Student (Placement between 2nd and 3rd year)





At NaturalMotion, we make games that wow people. We innovate to create experiences that previously were impossible and that would not exist without us. We take pride in making titles that reach a large audience and in creating communities that last. 

You are ambitious, intelligent, and intellectually curious. You are a self-disciplined problem-solver, who is respectful and straightforward with all your colleagues. You are trusting and trusted, flexible and emotionally mature, and you thrive on working with people who share these values.

As an Intern UI Artist you will help create, develop and implement interfaces within the game and have an opportunity to work on the artistic style of the project. You will be able to respectfully give and receive feedback to support the development of a genre leading game. You have a clear understanding of how to work with other members of a cross discipline team. You will be eager to learn new skills and be able to manage your workload accordingly, working with other members of the Art team on key deliverables within a given time period.


NaturalMotion seeks an intern UI Artist to join a talented UI team, dedicated to creating, developing and implementing smooth and friction free player experiences in our games

As an intern UI Artist you will work alongside the art, design and tech teams on the project to develop, implement and improve the interface for the #1 drag racing franchise worldwide. You will have the opportunity to develop your expertise and learn new skills from a highly experienced and multi-diciplined team.

Eager to learn, you will contribute ideas alongside the UI Artists to integrate new features into the game whilst staying true to the culture and values of NaturalMotion.

Under the leadership of the UI team you’ll develop your skills and grow the game to achieve a best in class interface across multiple resolutions, aspect ratios and platforms.



The Intern UI Artist works closely with the Senior UI members to create and develop interfaces in line with the creative vision of the project that fall in line with technical limitiations of the engine.

Ensures that all planning is effective, clearly communicated and realistic in its ambition and acknowledges the production dependencies.

Alongside the other members of the UI team the intern UI Artist delivers interface elements from both a creative and technical standpoint.  The UI Artist will have the opportunity to contribute to all stages of the development process– from early whitebox prototypes, to establishing final visuals  that are then implemented in the engine.

Working directly with some of the feature teams to help provide the required high fidelity assets, whilst being careful to adhere to budgets and certain platform constraints.



The intern UI Artist will work well within a multi discipline team and take time to fully understand the components of each body of work and asks questions accordingly. Making sure that communication remains open and accessable to all members of the team.

The Intern UI Artist is open and willing in taking feedback from multiple stakeholders, collaborating with the Senior members of the team to distil the important actionable items to take forwards. 



The Intern UI Artist will provide well reasoned decision making within their craft and maintain a clear focus in developing interfaces. Decisions are made from an informed and logical position with a focus on achieving the highest possible quality results. 





  • Develop player facing interfaces from concept through to completion.
  • Iterate interface in line with the game art direction.
  • Provide feedback on in-development layouts and visuals
  • Can Animate graphics to enhance the player experience. (not essential, but nice to have)
  • Problem solve visual language requirements in line with game style.
  • Has a high level understanding of UX and will help to resolve friction points in the game flow where applicable.



  • Alongside engineers, they will integrate interface elements directly into the game engine adhering to the technical specifications.
  • Work within platform constraints and optimise performance of the UI systems. 

(Having basic Unity experience would be advantageous for this role).


Production & Management

  • Communicate progress and highlight issues to ensure smooth feature development.
  • Document and present ideas and concepts.


Reports to:

  • Senior / Lead UI Artist 





















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