Senior QA Analyst (P206252), Toronto

The Senior QA Analyst has in-depth QA, technical and project expertise, and has full ownership of quality across designated game areas or SKUs. Responsible for raising the quality bar higher by feeding back and refining processes for the test team, the Senior QA Analyst will guide more junior members and/or vendor teams towards a higher degree of efficiency and execution. The Senior QA Analyst will lead multiple features at a time while ensuring timely delivery against production timescales and costs. The Senior QA Analyst is expected to have the ability to check out and build a codebase, identity similar code paths to achieve pair testing, and understand the use of metadata in mobile games.

Main responsibilities:

  • As a senior member of the QA team, you will act as first review point for test cases/ plans developed by internal QA Analysts and/ or vendor teams.
  • Responsible for prioritizing tasks and leading vendor/QA team
  • Working with studio leadership ensure the team have a robust on-boarding process for new internal staff members who join the QA team.
  • Develop in partnership with vendor management a process to backfill QA staff in times of sickness, vacations or leavers.
  • Have the experience to effectively delegate ownership to vendor teams. Know what can and cannot be delegated.
  • Will be responsible for a platform, release or SKU.
  • Lead ‘areas of QA’ such as regression, retesting or Live QA, or an area of specialization e.g. network/ events for the team.
  • May act as the team QA POC with the rest of Zynga for companywide initiatives e.g., ZADE, IPv6, GDPR.
  • Develop team QA metrics that enable team leadership to make decisions that improve product quality.
  • Builds product test strategy for each release.
  • Builds maintenance test suites (regression, maintenance, smoke, sanity).
  • Crafts non-functional test suites (performance, endurance, load, usability).
  • Builds partner SDK test suites (Ads, Analytics, Compliance, UA).
  • Builds test suites for complex features and cross-feature interactions.
  • Understand mobile hardware and the challenges related to compatibility testing.
  • Can explain testing techniques to other disciplines, including why certain methods are being used on a given project/feature. Comes across as someone knowledgeable about QA.
  • Creates reports and communication to be appropriate for the audience, including executives.
  • Ability to work in a small, flexible, diverse team

Required Skills:

  • Drives improvements to QA development tools such as the debug menu or crash capturing.
  • Takes on delegation from QA Leadership e.g. onboarding of new QA Analysts, chairs weekly meet, test case management, test case reviews, release test ownership, outsource management.
  • Maintain and update test strategies, regression plans, cross-feature plans etc built by other members of the team.
  • Can manage self and several other QA testers
  • Can apply advanced knowledge of testing to make testing more efficient e.g. test matrices for compatibility.
  • Is aware of test design methods like state tables that allow QA to break features down into their core components.
  • Understands the coverage automated testing gives (if implemented) and adjusts manual testing appropriately.
  • Can analyze performance data to find and report issues.
  • Can critically analyze risks and testing required to mitigate them.
  • Understands different types of users and can adapt their user acceptance tests to cover all scenarios.
  • Understanding of client and server testing, including server validation, mobile DLC, and experiments/ events.
  • Ability to use profiling tools like xcode, GameBench or built-in debug. Can generate reports from these tools.
  • Ability to take on features or game areas, which are technically more challenging e.g. profile syncing, metadata, or time-gated features.
  • Champions solutions to problems, good enthusiastic attitude.
  • Drives knowledge sharing in the team and ensures the team has no gaps in skill coverage.
  • Does not get sidetracked by things outside their control, has focus.
  • Understanding of and/or experience with ad networks is a plus

Desired Skills:

  • Experience in the gaming industry
  • Ability to write pseudo code, which will allow the Senior QA Analysts to find edge cases.
  • ASTQB qualified.
  • Understands how software architecture influences the amount of testing needed, including optimizing tests that utilize the same code paths.
  • Has experience in using device farms e.g. AWS or testdroid.

Careers region: North America

Careers Category: QA & Customer Support

Careers location: Toronto, Canada

Careers Type: Full-Time