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Senior Environment Artist in NM Racing


At Naturalmotion, we make games that wow people. We innovate to create experiences that previously were impossible and that would not exist without us. We take pride in making titles that reach large audiences and in creating communities that last.
You are ambitious, intelligent, and intellectually curious. You are a self-disciplined problem-solver, who is respectful and straightforward with all your colleagues. You are trusting and trusted, flexible and emotionally mature, and you thrive on working with people who share these values.
As a Senior Environment Artist you will be a peerless worker, able to operate at the highest levels in your craft with support from your leadership and team. Experienced in your discipline, you will be able to respectfully and tactfully offer and action processes and improvements that enhance the quality of the game visual experience.
You will have a clear understanding of your role, and be able to use a range of skills to deliver the best achievable results. You provide calm, confident ideas and suggestions within your field of expertise and will be able to identify potential issues before they become problems.
You will have a good understanding of how environment art can support gameplay and reinforce game narrative.

Working with the design and art teams, you will help identify technology, features, and processes that will be required for future projects, helping translate your thinking into effective and achievable goals

You will confidently and respectfully challenge the status quo in order to improve overall art quality.

Confident in your decision making, you nevertheless think carefully before you speak and act.

NaturalMotion seeks a senior environment artist to assist in the creation of environments across NM Racing. They will have the opportunity to own entire scenes from planning to completion.

As a Senior Environment Artist you will work alongside the Lead Environment Artist and other artists to deliver best in class visuals on mobile and cross platform for NM Racing titles.

Alongside the other members of the team you will author game assets and environment scenes to the highest standards suitable for a vast range of devices. Specifically focusing on the creation of mood boards, reference boards, block outs, whiteboxes, prototypes and ingame assets in an non destructive/ future proofed pipeline.
Ensures all art and estimations are planned well, effective and clearly communicated to your lead.
The Senior Environment Artist will help promote and support an Art culture and relevance across the team.
There will be opportunities to work alongside the Cinematic Artist in creating and implementing cinematic cutscenes as well as in game and replay camera authoring.

The Senior Environment Artist has a proven ability to clearly define requirements that may have cross discipline.
The Senior Environment Artist will be confidently able to plan and estimate time against their work and reflect industry standard estimations for asset creation.

The Senior Environment Artist requires light supervision on tasks but will seek minimal guidance on more complex work.
Communicates clearly and professionally across disciplines within the team. Clearly explains and summarises key elements of assigned work. Can effectively provide a line manager with verbal or written (email or document) updates.
Good, collaborative team player. Remains objective and avoids prematurely jumping to conclusions when faced with challenging situations. Demonstrates flexibility when interacting with others. Contributes positively to team morale.
• They are ultimately responsible delivering outlined art requirements for the racing titles by the Environment Art Lead.
• They will assist with the creation and implementation of assets using software such Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop and Unity.

  • Communicates clearly and professionally across disciplines within the team.

    • Outside the box thinking when it comes to potential new ideas that would benefit the game.

  • Open to constructive criticism and an active listener.
  • Will effectively assist the lead on the planning and briefing of outsource companies as well as be able to guide deliver their content until final implementation.

• Deliver best quality whilst being mindful of game limitations and working with peers to agree on the best outcome.
NM Racing Culture
• “What good looks like” in best working practice influencer.
• Stay current by immersing yourself in the relevant culture playing games, watching movies, TV shows, reading magazines, website and going to racing events.
Reports to:
• Lead Environment Artist – NM Racing
Line Reports:
The Senior Environment Artist is responsible for managing the delivery of work required to launch and manage a live service game. Always aware that a live product is subject to change and improvement. The senior environment artist will have no direct line reports but will be expected to share knowledge and mentor other artists.


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