AVAILABLE POSITIONS Principal Technical Artist

Zynga is looking for a best of breed Principal Technical Artist to help lead a technical art group for exciting, new game in development. Candidates should possess the passion, experience, and communication skills to unify the group, liaise between art and engineering, and help foster an environment of cooperation, creativity, and productivity.

You Are:

  • A veteran developer with multiple shipped titles under your belt
  • Expert in pipelines for characters and animation; modeling, texturing and lighting; shaders and VFX.
  • Expert in writing tools for artists in Maya, using Python and/or PyMel.  PyQt UI tool development a big plus.
  • Fluent in shaders and shader development for games.  Have the ability to author and debug shaders written for Unity and Maya. 
  • Fluent in at least 2 of the following programming languages: Python, Jscript, C++, C#
  • A Maya super user with deep knowledge of and ability to support all modules, especially Animation, Dynamics, Rendering, Modeling.
  • Experience with Unity, Perforce, Motion Builder, Z brush, Adobe tools, game middleware tools.
  • Experienced creating tools for art packages.
  • Able to bend game engines to your will, especially Unity
  • Someone who likes to get under the hood to see how things work
  • A natural problem solver, who enjoys working with folks of all disciplines
  • A natural leader and champion, who can advocate initiatives and get buyin

You Will:

  • Jump into any art pipeline, whether it’s environment, character or other artistic discipline, to maintain, manage, build, and support the team’s 3D tools
  • Work with engineers and a variety of teams to bridge art and technology for faster iteration, and quality, including creating specs for tools development that meet the art customers’ needs.
  • Mentor and support other technical artists, critique their work, and help raise the quality of art production across the board.
  • Identify art production bottlenecks and inefficiencies early; provide solutions that are simple, elegant, and maintainable
  • Keep abreast of new techniques and technologieand drive prioritization within the company based on game quality impact and projects’ needs
  • Empower artists to create the highest quality games by decreasing iteration time, and increasing artist authoring power and efficiency
  • Setup up test environments, and rapidly create test data for new feature prototyping; work closely with artists and content engineers to see these features through initial testing, evaluation, iteration, and completion
  • Assess risk in new processes/pipelines of development, and communicate those findings clearly and concisely
  • Advise pipeline creation for new teams
  • Onboard and integrate external vendors who work closely with internal teams

Careers region: North America

Careers Category: Art & User Experience

Careers location: San Francisco, CA

Careers Type: Full-Time