AVAILABLE POSITIONS Principal Systems Engineer

Principal Systems Engineer,

A central tenet of DevOps is diversity: a diversity of systems, of architectures, of timezones and of talent. On Zynga’s Developer Services team, we embrace and leverage this diversity, to keep a core set of services (version control, continuous integration, code review, etc.) running smoothly for our developers to build upon. Come join our small, merry band of highly committed engineers and help take Zynga to the next level.

• Maintain the health of several developer-centric services.
• Instrument infrastructure and services with monitoring, alerting, logging tools.
• Continuously iterate on automating manual tasks.
• Help spin up new software stacks and cloud-based systems, to keep apace with an ever evolving need for newer and better tools.
• Engage with our global set of studios to help triage, diagnose and address problems.
• Strong organizational and communication skills (verbal and written).
• 6+ years experience in systems administration, with a strong emphasis on shell scripting.
• In-depth knowledge of at least one popular version control system (e.g. git). Perforce knowledge is a plus.
• Experience with a popular programming language (e.g. C#, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript). Javascript, PHP and Java preferred.
• Experience with cloud systems and tools, including AWS, Terraform, and Docker. Google Cloud experience is a plus.
• Experience with virtualized platforms such as VMWare.
• Experience working with Linux, Windows, and OS X.
• Experience working on CI/CD systems. Jenkins experience preferred.
• Experience with Nagios, check_mk or other monitoring system. Prometheus experience a plus.
• Familiarity with mobile game development tools (e.g. xcode, Android SDK, Unity) is a plus.

Careers region: NM - United Kingdom

Careers Category: Engineering

Careers location: Bangalore, India

Careers Type: Full-Time