Pioneer Trail

  • Pioneer Trail

Hitch your wagon and pack some rations. We’re hit’n the Pioneer Trail, and things are about to get wild west!

Pioneer Trail (formerly FrontierVille) lets players tame the wilderness, explore the wild west and build a thriving frontier homestead. Players begin with a covered wagon and a plot of land to establish and grow a homestead with friends and family. Pioneer Trail offers an innovative social game experience with a strong, evolving storyline about life on the frontier.

Pioneer Trail is Zynga's first social game to give players the ability to control multiple avatars on a single screen, empowering them to raise a virtual family and interact with other players’ homesteads. Every week, Pioneer Trail releases new stories and missions to challenge players and enrich the frontier game world.

Get married and raise a virtual family, craft amazing gadgets, collect stunning outfits, complete treasury collections and help other frontier folks along the way.
Build up animals for the farm, grow and harvest crops, clean away the encroaching wilderness, and decorate your own land with buildings and decorations to establish a thriving frontier homestead.
Interact online with in-game neighbors, share resources with Facebook friends, join your friends in endless adventures together.