Castleville Legends
  • Castleville Legends

Create a New World with CastleVille Legends

Long ago, this realm fell under a dark wizard's curse. Covered by gloom, the heroes of the land were trapped in crystal prisons. Only you have the power to free them and build a thriving new Kingdom. Accept the challenge and restore the Legendary Lands!

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Grow Your Kingdom: From Mossback Swamp and Dragons Roost to the Pinnacles of Ice, expand your kingdom into magical untouched lands.

Explore Legendary Places: Discover rare treasure through searching ancient ruins, magical springs, and other Places of Legend.

Sea Trading: Craft valuable goods and trade with friends and players around the world.

Play Offline: Play CastleVille Legends on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch anywhere, anytime; no Internet connection required in offline mode.

Enjoy Stunning Art and Animations: Transport yourself to an enchanting, ever-changing world with stunning art and animations.