Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer

Software engineers on Games With Friends (GWF) support some of the world's largest mobile games on some of the world's largest infrastructures. Our servers and APIs support the mobile games that tens of millions of users enjoy every day, including Words With Friends. GWF runs one of the largest game deployments in the world, and we encounter and solve massive scalability challenges. The large data requirements of online gaming require us to continually push boundaries to discover the best solutions.

Minimum Qualifications:

* Passionate about software engineering, easy to work with and eager to help others on your team succeed.
* BS in Computer Science or Engineering field with at least 5 years of development experience
* DevOps experience on LInux systems.
* Extensive experience and strong skills with backend Java and Ruby/Rails
* Experienced with JDBC, JPA, Spring, JSON and RESTful services, Protobuf/Thrift.
* Extensive experience with MySQL Server
* Experience writing highly scalable systems.
* Good written and oral communication skills
* Good mentoring skills
* Experience developing Message based systems
* Knowledge of distributed systems
* Experience in Git or a similar version control system.
* Ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions

Desirable Skills:

* Has solid CS skills, but also knows when to be pragmatic
* Experience developing with Actor based concurrency
* Experience working with Amazon AWS
* Prior Game Development Experience
Experience developing multithreaded applications

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