Release Engineer

Release Engineer

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Release Engineer

Release Engineer will facilitate the submission and releases for NaturalMotion/ Zynga, as well as provide support for all platform admin tasks.

Main responsibilities and accountabilities


  • Drive submission and release best practice with the games teams.
  • Provide clear and concise information to stakeholders and leadership team to reduce risks around scheduled dates.
  • Work closely with the other members of the release team in NM and Zynga across San Francisco, Bangalore and Chicago.
  • Work closely with the certification team to ensure smooth delivery of certified product to market.

 Team Fit 

  • Be comfortable working and coordinating with teams across multiple time zones, and overcoming the challenges that poses.
  • Be able to support tasks on the JIRA service desk board from other Zynga offices and teams.
  • Be able to create and update documentation that can be used by all release team members across NM and Zynga and be willing to educate.
  • Active participation in meetings to discuss latest platform changes and company road map updates.
  • Be able to highlight improvement in release process and drive discussion within the team.


  • Actioning the submission and release of apps and updates via the relevant platform portals.
  • Managing and actioning platform admin requests via the Jira Service Desk.
  • Examples of tasks include:
    • Processing build uploads for testing.
    • Managing Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) certificates.
    • Creation and editing of In App Purchases (IAPs) on all platforms.
    • Managing additions and changes to meta data items on both Gamecenter and Google Play Games Services.
    • Platform account access requests.
    • Managing provisioning profiles and development certificates.
    • Processing leavers on the 3rd party systems.
  • Keeping on top of weekly tasks as required by the S&R manager.
  • Maintaining the archive of submitted data.
  • Conducting professional written and verbal communication with key stakeholders.
  • Providing additional assistance for S&R tasks such as documentation, updating store text (including localisations) and dealing with the platform development portals.
  • Identify and track the latest platform changes and ensure relevant teams are informed of changes.
  • Excellent understanding of mobile ecosystems/Excellent understanding of the mobile developer platforms.

 Risk Management

  • Understand the risks present in any planned submission or release and quickly and clearly flag with the project management.
  • Understand and highlight risks around new platform developments and work with the team to ensure they do not impact the apps current and future versions.
  • Be able to post mortem submissions that experienced issues and use the information to create new checks to ensure that issue doesn’t happen again for any project.





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